MTU Magazine 09

Innovation and digitalisation

The ability to translate innovation processes into competitive advantages is one of Meccanotecnica Umbra’s structural features, and we see it in a great many aspects of the company's activities. Often these processes are driven by market demands, while at other times by insights that turn out to be perfectly in step with contingent market demands, or that position the various business sectors to be, in the immediate future, already one step ahead of expectations.

Digitalisation is a process of continuous internal improvement and innovation at Meccanotecnica Umbra that has not only allowed us to optimise the entire workflow, but has become a true competitive advantage.
In this issue of MTU Magazine we talk about some of the details of the innovation processes that have helped us grow as a company. We are talking about an ongoing transformation that is changing our approach and philosophy, allowing us to be even more efficient, faster, more competitive, and always open to a dialogue with our surroundings.

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