Graphite Loaded Silicon Carbide

Meccanotecnica Umbra offers
Graphite Loaded Silicon Carbide (GLSC) Mechanical Seal Faces

Silicon carbide has proven performance characteristics for challenging industrial applications. Alpha Sintered Silicon Carbide enhances those characteristics, offering higher resistance to thermal shock, corrosion, and abrasion. Improving performance even further, Graphite Loaded Alpha Sintered Silicon Carbide (GLSC) outperforms both in marginally lubricated situations or where dry running may occur. In addition, GLSC provides the highest relative pressure-velocity (PV) values of any of the hard face pairs at comparable costs to silicon carbide. MeccanotecnicaUmbra now offers GLSC as a face material option for the toughest running conditions. To learn more about GLSC mechanical seals, contact your local MeccanotecnicaUmbra representative .

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