Rotary seal vendor

Rotary seal vendor

Founded over 50 years ago in Campello sul Clitunno, a small village in the Province of Perugia, Meccanotecnica Umbra specialises in the sale of rotary seals. These products are designed and developed by a group of highly trained specialists who are constantly seeking innovative solutions for every possible application.

Rotary seals available for sale

Throughout its history, our company has worked with numerous customers from diverse industrial sectors. By working closely with its client customers, Meccanotecnica Umbra has developed an in-depth understanding of its target markets. This insight has allowed us to develop and sell a wide range of rotary seals, some of which fall into the following categories:

Our seals are a cut above the rest

In addition to designing specific models to suit every use case, we also take our customers' broader needs into consideration. To meet the typical needs of our target industries, our seals with rotating rings offer numerous services and competitive advantages, including:

  • Extreme resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Impressive longevity.

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If you need specific information regarding the purchase of rotary seals, simply head to the contact section and fill out the form. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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