Supply of mechanical seals for the chemical industry

Supply of mechanical seals for the chemical industry

For over 50 years, the multinational Meccanotecnica Umbra has been operating in the mechanical seals production sector and is responsible, among other things, for the supply of mechanical seals for the chemical industry. The offer of quality products is dictated by a careful selection of materials, personnel and processes that over the years has led to the development of innovative technologies appreciated on the national and international market.

Characteristics of mechanical seals for the chemical industry

Due to the complexity of the chemical industry, it is necessary to guarantee the maximum safety and reliability of the sealing system to allow the safety and functionality of the production processes. For this purpose, the selection of materials plays an important role: for the realization of mechanical seals Meccanotecnica Umbra uses only chemically inert materials that, depending on the use that is necessary, can be PTFE, alumina, Kalrez or FEP. Respecting these production criteria, the company produces mechanical seals for the chemical industry with characteristics suitable for working with aggressive fluids, dangerous liquids and pollutants, managing to withstand even extreme temperatures that reach liquids during processing.

The selection of chemical industry

Below are some examples of mechanical seals used in the chemical industry:

  • DR1-S: Multiple spring single seal

  • DR1-D: Multiple spring double seal

  • DRM1-S: High performance conical spring o-ring mounted seal


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