Sale automotive seals

Sale automotive seals

Among the sectors in which the products of Meccanotecnica Umbra are used there are also those relating to the car industry. For more than 50 years, the company has been involved in the production and sale of automotive mechanical seals, offering quality articles to its customers, thanks to the expertise of its staff and to the quality of materials used during manufacture.

Sale of excellent automotive seals

Within a domestic or professional means of transport, each element must ensure an extremely high level of safety, so as to avoid any complications that could lead to drivers' health. The company, therefore, to ensure this type of performance and to minimize the risks to which it is exposed during driving, performs numerous controls that guarantee the sale of excellent automotive seals. These products can also be used, for example, on engine coolant pumps and are useful in avoiding damaging overheating.

Marketing silent automotive seals

One of the most important features in this industrial sector is, of course, the product noise level. In order to make a distribution of silent automotive seals, it is necessary to design a device that meets a maximum insulation regime. In order to pursue this goal, Meccanotecnica Umbra has invented a technological implementation, used in every type of mechanical seal for car, that has enabled it to obtain high-performing items for automotive segment.

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