Seals manufacturing company

Seals manufacturing company

Meccanotecnica Umbra is a seals manufacturing company, a world leader in this field, that produce articles for companies operating in different fields. For more than 50 years, it has been working to provide technologically advanced products to its customers, through a proven quality production, utilizing the experience of its operators, which are highly trained and constantly updated.

Company of efficient mechanical seals

By utilizing quality raw materials and latest generation machinery, Meccanotecnica has become known over the years as a company of high performance mechanical seals. The different machine gaskets produced by the factory, in fact, allow precise machining, guaranteeing to customers a long life over time and can withstand high loads. Each item, furthermore, is also subject to the supervision of experienced employees, who are also able to detect even the smallest defect and to prevent the damaged item being marketed.

Manufacturer of mechanical seals for industries

Mechanical engineering Umbra is a manufacturer of mechanical seals for industries. Specifically, the companies that use the products in question belong to industrial sectors where machines such as water pumps, pool or domestic pumps, submersible pumps are used, which require constant maintenance and reliable spare parts of mechanical seals.

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