Types of mechanical seals

Types of mechanical seals

For more than 50 years, Meccanotecnica Umbra has been involved in the production of various types of mechanical seals and has become a world leader in this field. Distinguishing itself by professionalism and innovation, over the years it has improved its technology and has steadily formed the staff that work within its headquarters, in order to always deliver the highest quality products.

Types of mechanical seals for each business sector

The company has diversified its products to obtain mechanical sealing patterns for each business segment, while maintaining high performance through particularly productive construction processes. Among the business areas in which Meccanotecnica brand products find the widest use, we can cite the following:

Efficient Types of mechanical seals

One of the company's main goals has always been to produce high performance mechanical seals, which would be able to guarantee quality workmanship to their customers. In order to ensure this, within the company's premises, strict production measures have been adopted, which have allowed Mechanical Engineering to obtain product certifications for mechanical seals.

Useful information on the types of mechanical seals

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