Mechanical seals resistant to liquids

Mechanical seals resistant to liquids

Meccanotecnica Umbra is an Italian company based in Campello sul Clitunno, a town in Umbria between Assisi and Spoleto. Initially a small local company, the company is today a leading multinational company in the production and sale of mechanical seals resistant to liquids, demonstrating a constant commitment to the implementation of quality standards that are always better. The choice of materials and exceptional personnel is flanked by a territorial extension that testifies to the hard work carried out on the markets: the company is now present in central markets worldwide such as India, China, Brazil, United States and Sweden, for mention only a few.

Characteristics of mechanical seals resistant to liquids

In order to be able to carry out safe and functional production procedures, it is necessary to guarantee the maximum reliability and safety of the sealing system. Especially in the chemical industry, to make its mechanical seals, the company uses chemically inert materials that, depending on the purpose, can be alumina, PTFE, Kalrez or FEP. Most of the mechanical seals produced by Meccanotecnica Umbra are designed for working with aggressive fluids, polluting and dangerous liquids, and with particular attention to the very high temperatures that, during the processes, liquids can reach. The company thus responds to the mandatory production standards for manufacturers of mechanical seals, especially in the chemical sector, in full compliance with current regulations.

Mechanical seals resistant to liquids
Mechanical seals resistant to liquids

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